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Zinc Sulfide Specifications

The VITRON Spezialwerkstoff GmbH produces polycrystalline ZnS in a chemical vapor deposition process (CVD).:

We offer three qualities:

  • Infrared quality (FLIR) Zinc Sulfide 
    is a polycrystalline material of high mechanical strength and is especially suited for the spectral range of 8 - 12 µm. Typical applications are exterior (coplanar or spherical) of IR optical systems. It is available in various sizes and moderate in price.
  • Short & Middle wave Infrared grade Zinc Sulfide 
    is aftertreated by HIP to remove defects and change the crystal structure of the material. The preferred use is in the range from 800nm to 12µm.
  • Multispectral quality zinc sulfide 
    is aftertreated in a special process in order to remove microscopic defects, which are present in the FLIR material. Thereafter, the material can be used from the visible to the infrared spectral range (0.45 - 12 µm).

Polycrystalline zinc sulfide is used in military engineering as well as for industrial applications.

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