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Zinc sulfide Quality

You wish and expect reliable top quality products. Therefore, we produce our in compliance with a quality management system of the German DIN standard DIN EN ISO 9001: Revision 2000.

We take care of our QM system via regular audits. We test the transmittance of each zinc sulfide CVP and HIP . For our , we measure the forward scattering for 633 nm. For pieces of over 150 mm, we deliver the material with an .

We are committed to your requirements - no less than excellent quality.

On demand, we deliver your infrared glasses with a Certificate of Conformance (COC). Our CVD Chemical Vapor Deposition and HIP numbers allow us to trace back each fabrication step.

The VITRON standard quality for optical components is:

  • surface: S & D 80 – 50
  • fitting errors: 5 Ringe
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